Dedicated Offices

All dedicated offices are month-to-month (sweet), however unlike our regular coworking memberships, we require a deposit (see below) as well as a 45 day notice when you intend to leave.


We require a deposit of last month's office rent to reserve it for you (before or when the office becomes available) as an intent to occupy, which will be credited back towards your last month's rent in the office.

First month's rent will be due upon move-in, along with 50% of the office's monthly rent (or more if you would like to make major changes such as paint, etc.) to cover any possible damages or changes.

Notice to Vacate

We require a 45-day notice before your intent to vacate.

Office Access & Keys

This is pretty straightforward, but your office is totally private to you & the other members on your team. You'll receive an office key for each included member upon move-in, along with KISI access to the space. Additional keys are to be made by FLDWRK staff only, and all keys must be returned to your Community Manager upon move-out. KISI access will be issued at FLDWRK discretion, based on the size of your team. Failure to return keys will result in a $300 fee and public shaming (ok, kidding on the last part).

24/7 Access

As a dedicated member, you receive 24/7 access to your own desk/office! Please use it and enjoy it— however, keep in mind that while you are able to use all of our locations free of additional charges, 24/7access only applies to your home location. This is because we will often schedule private events, and you don’t want to be that guy who just unknowingly walked into the middle of a wedding ceremony, do you?

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