Friends and Visitors

We love new people, and your clients and guests are absolutely welcome at FLDWRK. 

While the more is always merrier and it's been wonderful watching this community grow, we have a few guidelines in order to protect the limited workspace of our members. If you have a friend come by please limit your interaction to 10 min or check out the options below for extended stays.

Coworking Area

Your guests (non-members) can sit with you in the main coworking area if they purchase a Guest Pass or a Day Pass. A special Guest Pass rate is included in your membership. For the regular Joe coming off the street our Day Pass rates vary on hours needed. Connect with a staff member to purchase either of these Passes.

If your guest did not purchase a day pass, please meet with them in one of our designated booking resources. Our work stations are becoming increasingly limited, so please help us keep the desks in the main area open and available for paying members.

Meeting Rooms

If your guest is here for a meeting in a meeting room, there is no charge for them outside of the rate of the room.

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