Leaving for Lunch

You need to eat at some point so feel free to go grab lunch and even bring it back here to keep working! We only ask that when you leave you also take your stuff with you.

Here's some suggestions:

Boudin Online Ordering

With it only being 5-10 minutes away, one of our favorite places to order from is Boudin's. You can go online (https://www.boudincatering.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=catalog\) and place your order that will be ready for pick up as soon as possible.


The food-delivery service for those who have too much on their plate (no pun intended) and can't manage to step away. They will deliver your food to you within an hour. On their website (https://postmates.com\) they give you plenty of different options for food (Juice Bar, Pizza Rev, Pick Up Stix, Cha for Tea, Rooser's Cafe, Chick-Fil-A, and so much more!). All you need to do is pick what you want, type in your address and payment information and your food will be here in no time!

***COSTA MESA Local Restaurant GuideĀ 

Sandwiches, Soups, and Salads

  • Boudin SF (South Coast Plaza- Main or Metro Point)
  • Panera Bread (Bristol and Sunflower or Baker and Harbor)
  • The Corner Bakery Cafe (South Coast Plaza)
  • The Gypsy Den (The LAB)
  • Rooster Cafe [BEST BREAKFAST BURRITOS AROUND] (Randolph and St. Clair)
  • Pacific Whey Cafe (South Coast Plaza-Bear)
  • Subway (Baker and Bristol)

American/Fast Food

  • TK Burger (Bristol, across from the CAMP)
  • In-N-Out (Bristol and MacArthur)
  • Chick-Fil-A (Bristol and MacArthur
  • Five Guys (Harbor and Baker)


  • Wahoos (Baker and Bristol)
  • Chipotle (Bristol and MacArthur)
  • Del Taco (Bristol Ave. across from the CAMP)
  • Taco Asylum (the LAB)
  • Great Mex (Newport and Wilson)
  • La Terraza Mexican Grill) Bristol and MacArthur)


  • Zipangu (the LAB)
  • California Shabu Shabu (Baker and Century)
  • Full Moon Sushi (Baker and College Ave)

Vegeterian + Vegan

  • Native Foods (the CAMP)
  • 118 Degrees (the CAMP)
  • Ritual Juicebox (the CAMP)
  • Mother's Cafe (Newport and 19th Street)


  • GoGo's Pizza (Baker and Enterprise St)
  • Z Pizza (Bristol and Sunflower)
  • Papa John's (Bristol, between MacArthur and Anton)


  • East Borough (the LAB)
  • Vietnam's Pearl (Baker and Fairview)


  • Bangkok Corner (Newport and Wilson)


  • Mother India (Baker and Bristol)


  • Sprouts (Baker and Harbor)
  • Trader Joe's (Bristol and MacArthur)
  • Irvine Ranch Market (Irvine and Mesa)

***FULLERTON Local Restaurant Guide

Sandwhiches, Soups, and Salads

  • Rutabegorz (off of Pomona)
  • Tranquil Tea (off Wilshire)
  • Green Bliss (off Wilshire)

American/Fast Food

  • In-N-Out (Harbor & Orangethorpe)
  • Chick-Fil-A (Harbor & Orangethorpe)
  • Subway (Pomona & Commonwealth)


  • The Matador (Harbor)
  • El Farlito Jr. (Harbor)
  • Wahoos (Harbor)
  • Chipotle (Chapman & State College)
  • Chronic Tacos (Chapman)


  • Shabu Shabu (Wilshire & Harbor)
  • The Poke Co. (Commonwealth)
  • FINS Poke Fusion (Harbor)
  • Poke Craft (Harbor)
  • Kopan Ramen (Pomona & Commonwealth)

Vegeterian + Vegan

  • Green Bliss (Wilshire)


  • Angelo Vinces (Harbor)
  • Big Slice (Harbor)
  • Fuocco (Harbor)
  • 3 Saucy Broads (Commonwealth)


  • Pad Thai (Chapman & State College)


  • Kentro (Commonwealth)


  • Rialto Cafe (Wilshire)
  • Grits (Chapman)
  • Brownstone Cafe (Harbor - Villa Del Sol)
  • Hidalgo Cafe (Harbor - Villa Del Sol)

Coffee Shops/Boba

  • Night Owl (Harbor & Ameriage)
  • Dripp (Chapman & Harbor)
  • Starbucks (Chapman & Harbor)
  • Cha2o (Commonwealth & Harbor)
  • Ice Bomb (Ameriage)
  • Hapa Cupcakes (Ameriage)


  • Sprouts (Orangethorpe & Harbor)
  • Ralphs (Harbor & Brea Blvd.)
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