Good news.. Justin Bieber all day, everyday!


Whether your favorite work playlist is made up of Bieber, Beyonce, or Bon Iver, we can't please everyone... and we want to ensure that Wayfare is a productive work environment for all.

We've put a lot of thought and research into what makes productive work environment, and have come to the following:

  • We'll only be playing instrumental music in the space during our normal working hours, because most people focus best working to music without words. If this isn't you, we apologize and welcome you to listen to Beyonce or J-Biebs with your headphones in. If you have an office, you can listen to whatever music you'd like, but we ask that you keep the door shut and the volume to a reasonable volume as to not distract the coworkers in the main space. 
  • We've done research on music volume and have found that 70 decibels is the best volume level for productivity. It's just the right of background noise for you to focus (not so loud it's distracting, but not too quiet so you hear your neighbor's conversation either). 
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