We hate regulating this stuff. The truth is we really don't care if you print one or two things every so often. However, if you're printing in color, bulk or you're using that bad boy often enough to have unjamming skills down to a science, then we need to ask you to pay for your copies. Check here for current pricing and pay at the iPad on the snack table.

Instructions for OS X

Our printer is wireless and it's yours to use! Simply choose the printer (usually named for the location), and it should work....most of the time.

When it doesn't, follow the instructions below. Turns out there's a bug in the printer's firmware that makes it work unpredictably, but the instructions below will help you achieve a totally trouble-free printing experience:

  1. Go to
  2. Go to Support > software & drivers.
  3. Search for m452dw.
  4. Download the driver "HP Easy Start".
  5. Choose the printer from the list & uncheck "automatically register the printer if applicable".
  6. Install "essential software". When it gets to the status & alerts part just quit HP Easy Start.
  7. Open up System Preferences > Printers & Scanners on your Mac and remove any old printers (if you already have it installed).
  8. Click the + button to add a new printer.
  9. Click on IP in the top bar and type in Costa Mesa and in Fullerton in the address field.
  10. In the protocol dropdown, choose "HP JetDirect - Socket". Change the name to "FLDWRK [City]" (or something memorable), make sure "Use" says "HP Color Laserjet Pro M452".
  11. Rejoice & enjoy your trouble-free printer experience.

Instructions for Windows

To be honest, we haven't figured this out yet. If you do, please let us know so we can update this section.

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