We have an Evernote scanner in the rear printer area for all FLDWRK members to use. The scanner syncs with the iPhone via the "Scannable" app, and will allow you to save, text, or email your scans as a PDF.

The instructions are mounted above the scanner and listed below:

  1. Make sure it's on. The green light on the scanner should be on (as well as the little green wifi symbol).
  2. Download the Evernote "Scannable" app on your phone (it's free! Just search "Scannable" in the app store). If you're downloading the app for the first time, it will walk you through a few instructions to get you started.
  3. Place your paper face down and right side up in the upper part of the scanner.
  4. Press "Start Scanning"
  5. A Camera will show up on your screen. Tap the wifi/"S" looking button on the lower left hand corner of your screen (next to the button containing the 3 dots)
  6. Press "Start Scanning" Again.
  7. Scan Complete! You can now send your document via email, text, or save it to your camera roll or iCloud account.
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