Space and Community Standards


We want FLDWRK to feel like home to you (but with better coffee and without your pile of week-old laundry). We welcome you to build your community here, make friends, start new projects, drink our coffee, and produce your best work yet. Dial into productivity at any desk you'd like, make yourself comfortable in our lounge areas, prepare your meals in our kitchen, make your own cup of coffee on the days you need to stay late, and don't ever hesitate to ask the FLDWRK staff for anything.

We ask that you remember that this is a shared workspace and that you be considerate of your fellow community. The rest of this guide contains some specifics on this, but it's all pretty straightforward... Be nice, wash your dish, don't scream on the phone, clear your workspace (or meeting room) when you leave, and don't leave your kung pao chicken in the fridge all month.

We are here to support and equip you in your work, and we've been intentional about creating a space with that goal in mind. Please let us know if there's anything we can do to maximize your productivity and potential and support you as you do what you do best.

A Few Reminders

-Please remember that 24/7 access is for dedicated office or desk members and in the home location only. 

-Dedicated office or desk members should also note that 24/7 access applies only to your home space. Please access the sister spaces during business hours only! Each space is unique in its after hour events, and in it’s closing protocol. We would hate for you to show up at 8pm at a sister location and not have access to the space— or worse, to show up in the middle of someone’s wedding!

-If you want to reserve a conference room after hours, great! Just be sure you do it through FLDWRK staff

-Hosting a meeting before/after business hours? No problem! Just be sure you are a dedicated office or desk member, and that your meeting is held in your own dedicated space, or in the conference room that you have reserved with FLDWRK staff!

-Any miscellaneous use of the downstairs workspace (for meetings, potshots, hosting of guests, etc) must be reserved through FLDWRK staff.

-We have snacks! Hurrah! Please use the iPad to pay for drinks and snacks when purchasing them after hours


We believe that one of the greatest parts (if not the greatest part) of coworking is the community. There is power in working together, and there's nothing we love more than seeing those at FLDWRK encouraging, supporting, and collaborating with each other. We'll host semi-frequent mid-day work breaks for you to meet and socialize with other co-workers, and we're always open to new ideas for community engagement. Please let us know if you ever have a special request, want to add anything to our FLDWRK weekly email, or offer your services to the FLDWRK community!

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