Special Events

FLDWRK hosts special events and workshops on a regular basis. We covered this is a little bit in the Hours of Operation section, but we think it's important to reiterate and go into more detail here.

Dedicated Members

Dedicated members have 24/7 access to their workspace to do what they do best, at the hours that are most convenient for them. There are occasions where there will be events or workshops going on in the main space, but most often this will not prohibit dedicated members from working in their dedicated areas. If we host large private events that will prohibit you from accessing your workspace, we will communicate that to you with as much advance notice as possible (a week in advance at a minimum).

If there are events happening in the main space while you are working in your dedicated areas, we 1) welcome you to join in on the fun (unless it's private)! and 2) ask that you are respectful and considerate of the event going on by working quietly.

Non-dedicated Members

Non-dedicated members are guaranteed workspace from 9am-5pm, with frequent (but not guaranteed) extended hour access from 7am-7pm. This means that you will have extended hour access unless there is a special event or workshop going on. If extended hours are not available due to an event, you will be notified several days in advance so you can either plan to join us or prepare your work schedule accordingly.

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