Your membership actually is changing the world:

The money you spend to join the Collective is used to advance amazing initiatives all over the world-- such as helping the Yellow team employ youths transitioning out of foster care, helping fund sex-trafficking rescue operations, and other amazing initiatives taking place all over the world that are empowering women and advancing the common good!

We’re printing on 100% recycled paper with a certified eco-friendly printer.

What we do has three elements to it:

Monthly Deliverables— periodical which feels like a journal, has content like a magazine and interactive pages like a workbook! It’s an interactive way to grow personally, get educated on what is happening surrounding our theme, and interact with the monthly theme internally. 

It also will have prints, stickers, promo codes and vouchers for do-good products

Do-good Challenge— all members band together and together tackle a do-good challenge each month (ex: during the Wanderer challenge, once member took it literally and booked a flight to Havana, Cuba!)

Online platform— Collective members can join the Yellow Community in tackling issues that pop up in all of our lives— anywhere from work/life balance, to conscious consumerism— by participating in slack conversations each Wednesday at 5-6pm PST. We also have an active Facebook group, and recordings of previous talks/interviews in the Yellow Collective vault.

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